Individual looking at their phone. Connecting wireless signals around individual represents digital equity.

Building Digital Equity, One Connection at a Time

It may come as a surprise to many, but Internet isn’t a given. Despite countless digital touchpoints and the omnipresence of Internet culture, nearly 20 […]

African American family sitting on couch using devices (laptop, tablet, cell phones)

Infrastructure Bill Paves Way for Expanded Internet

The passage of the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in November 2021 has the potential to connect millions of Americans far beyond the conventional […]

Dayton OH Oregon District arch with foliage

UniCity Brings Opportunity to Oregon District

Keeping businesses running smoothly is table stakes when it comes to internet connection. At altafiber, we believe our Fiber Internet, Intelligent Wi-Fi and UniCity program […]

UniCity Partners with the Housing Authority of Covington to bring Wi-Fi to students, families in need

At altafiber, we are proud of our commitment to investing in communities. As the pandemic hit, the Housing Authority of Covington (HAC) noted an increased […]

UniCity By Cincinnati Bell image

Steps to becoming the next smart City with UniCity

As you start to hear more and more city’s becoming the next smart city, there is a lot of questions that come to mind how […]

Leveraging UniCity in Venues and Campuses

The UniCity approach, experience, and IoT (Internet of Things) partners also support smart solutions for small-to-large scale sports and cultural venues and campuses. Whether you […]