UniCity Brings Opportunity to Oregon District

Dayton OH Oregon District arch with foliage

Keeping businesses running smoothly is table stakes when it comes to internet connection. At altafiber, we believe our Fiber Internet, Intelligent Wi-Fi and UniCity program should go beyond just fast and reliable access — it should open a world of opportunity.

The Problem

A strong, dependable connection has been in hot demand in the Oregon District for some time. For many businesses, internet-based POS failures can hamper the bottom line. The area is also emerging from natural disasters, local tragedy and the global pandemic and needs more peace of mind when running business.

The Solution

Now equipped with altafiber’s Intelligent Wi-Fi and Engagement Software Package, these Oregon District businesses know they have a reliable connection for their POS. UniCity also provides data that is key to understanding foot traffic in the area and the types of consumers that are in the vicinity.

The Impact

In the short term, public Wi-Fi helped Oregon District businesses—along with doctor’s offices and schools—navigate the many complications brought on by the pandemic. It also informed businesses how they could rethink their operations. Through the technology, we were able to see there was significant foot traffic on Mondays, a day when many businesses were closed. With this key insight, shops can now capitalize on an opportunity that once existed in a blind spot.

The long-term possibilities of UniCity’s public Wi-Fi could be a boon for Dayton’s economic development. By understanding more about the foot traffic and the types of consumers traversing the area, businesses can continue to optimize and adapt towards better (and more profitable) practices. Public Wi-Fi will also be critical for future growth in the Oregon District and expansion outside the downtown area. It’ll be particularly valuable in the continued development of the Dayton Arcade, The Hub and other forward-thinking initiatives in the area.

We are so incredibly grateful for altafiber’s generosity. The importance of connectivity within the Oregon District cannot be overstated; altafiber’s work with us improves our ability to connect with each other and with the broader Dayton community.

Kyle Babirad
Oregon District Business Association

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