Public Wi-Fi

For more than a decade, altafiber has effectively deployed Wi-Fi in large public and private venues.

In 2005, we expanded deployment to restaurant and quick-stop convenient locations. In 2014, we launched our public Wi-Fi initiative, providing high-speed, fiber-fed Wi-Fi to citizens throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. And, as of today, we have deployed advanced technology in both public and private sectors.

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Fiber Internet

Since 2010, altafiber has invested nearly 1 B building our fiber network, which now covers nearly 70% of Greater Cincinnati. Our forecasted growth will have 90% of the greater Cincinnati region covered with our fiber network by 2022.

Fiber is a future-proof asset which allows altafiber to manage, deliver and maintain Gigabit Internet speeds.

Intelligent Wi-Fi

A smart venue utilizes technology to enhance the visitor experience, drive customer loyalty, improve safety, and grow business.

Intelligent Wi-Fi is an easy-to-use marketing and engagement platform, allowing you to offer Guest Wi-Fi access, collect customer contact information, and engage via marketing tools such as e-mail, text, Wi-Fi, social media and more.

altafiber’s fiber infrastructure combined with Intelligent Wi-Fi make up the foundation of a smart venue.

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UniCity solutions currently deployed across the region include:

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The integration of technology with a strategic approach to sustaining a growing economy, thriving neighborhoods, safer streets, and an innovative government, to ensure continuous improvement to the well-being of citizens.

Smart Cities provide more effective, data- driven decision making, enhanced citizen engagement, safer communities, increased digital equity, new economic development opportunities and so much more.

It is the desire for cities to use technology and innovation to break down silos and better serve citizens in a more sustainable and efficient manner.

altafiber’s Smart City Solution.

UniCity works closely with communities to custom build a suite of technology applications to make an impact business district vibrancy, neighborhood-based enhancements, public safety, and data-driven policy decision making.

The UniCity Team uses a consultative approach to support the development of public-private partnerships, longer-term strategic plans, and sustainable financial models. To learn more, fill out this form.