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What is UniCity?

Combining technology and community development expertise, UniCity works with governments of all sizes to problem solve through smart city solutions. Building on a foundation of connectivity through fiber and high-speed public Wi-Fi networks, UniCity works hand-in-hand with communities to custom build a suite of technology applications to impact business district vibrancy, neighborhood based enhancements, public safety, and data-driven policy decision making. In addition to end-to-end technology support, UniCity uses a consultative approach to support the development of public-private partnerships, longer-term strategic plans, and sustainable financial models.

Whether you are looking to address digital equity in a low-income neighborhood, build out technology applications in your parks, or integrate economic development tools in your downtown, UniCity can work with your community to build a plan from engineering to policy, from marketing to analytics. Alongside our century-long legacy in the community, our holistic combination of Internet service, hardware, software, strong data ethics approach and multi-disciplinary resources set us apart.

To name a few of our deployed Unicity Smart Cities, UniCity has partnered with the Housing Authority of Covington, KY, The City of Middletown, The City of Wyoming, The Oregon District, Covington and City of Fairborn. This list continues to grow as UniCity provides a Public Wi-Fi Network.

Read about these smart city launches and their success stories below:

The Housing Authority of Covington, KY (HAC) partnered with altafiber. to provide complimentary high-speed Internet to their residents of City Heights and Latonia Terrace. HAC is very aware of the challenges many of our families face from COVID-19, either due to lost jobs, erratic school schedules, health concerns, or delayed benefits assistance. The need for Internet access has never been greater.

Housing Authority of Covington logo

It was imperative we do everything we could do to bridge the digital equity divide by providing free high-speed Wi-Fi to our residents.

Jon Adkins
Director of Resident Services

As a result, HAC is happy to announce effective immediately, over 600 units in City Heights and Latonia Terrace will be able to access complimentary high-speed Internet from altafiber, inside their apartment, 24/7. Thanks to Cares Act funding, HAC has been able to fund the necessary hardware and monthly service charges for each apartment for a minimum of 3 years.

Our families face many challenges already. Historically, they’ve had to navigate life without the full benefits of the internet. By adding the Internet in our family communities, we hope to provide the resources needed for families to achieve their goals and children to succeed in school.

Steve Arlinghaus
HAC Executive Director

HAC hopes that by being able to access the Internet, from the comfort of their home, residents will have more of the support they need to navigate these unprecedented times and move towards “Better Futures.”

The City of Middletown, in partnership with altafiber, officially launched free Wi-Fi access downtown on October 2, 2020. altafiber’s Smart City solution features Wi-Fi coverage in the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA), as well as analytics and engagement software to support local businesses and drive economic development. The network stretches along Central Avenue from Main Street to Clinton Street within the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) district as well as analytics and engagement software to support local businesses and drive economic development.

The City of Middletown logo

These technology networks enable a municipality to be more responsive to its citizens’ and visitors’ needs while also helping officials make decisions about those areas from data they collect. The information gathered through the “Smart Cities” will help the city determine where visitors are coming from and be “very helpful” in its marketing strategy, he said.

Jeff Payne
Executive Director of Downtown Middletown Inc.

“We will know where the gaps are,” Payne said. Downtown Middletown Inc., in partnership with the City of Middletown’s Economic Development department also launched a new loyalty rewards program, Sip Bite Buy, where altafiber will sponsor Wi-Fi Wednesdays on the third Wednesday of every month, which will feature exciting giveaways for visitors who log onto the Wi-Fi. City leaders believe a downtown free public Wi-Fi network will benefit visitors and businesses.

altafiber has installed a Smart City solution with Wi-Fi coverage in the central business district, the village green, and Crescent Park. The community may log on through a splash page at “Wyoming Free Wi-Fi.” This economic development project will allow Wyoming to connect with, engage, and inform visitors and residents; drive more activity and visits; and ultimately help the local business community thrive. Wyoming is the first small city in Hamilton County to implement a Smart City solution.

City of Wyoming logo

The City of Wyoming’s goal is to utilize the Smart City technology to provide a quicker recovery post Covid-19. We want to better engage our visitors and residents by providing seamless event navigation, calendar updates, latest news in parks and recreation, restaurant and retail specials and deals, maps and walking directions, and DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) guidelines and mapping boundaries.”

Lynn Tetley
The City of Wyoming City Manager.

altafiber and the Oregon District Business Association announced that altafiber and multiple partners donated the upfront investments to deploy Smart City Solutions in the Oregon District. altafiber Technicians have been installing fiber to provide free public Wi-Fi, cameras, as well as analytics and engagement software to support local businesses and drive economic development.

Oregon District logo

We are so incredibly grateful for altafiber’s generosity. The importance of connectivity within the Oregon District cannot be overstated. altafiber’s work with us improves our ability to connect with each other and with the broader Dayton community.

Kyle Babirad
President of the Oregon District Business Association

altafiber and Renaissance Covington, a non-profit, also had a partnership to launch a public Wi-Fi network in Covington’s Central Business District that connected people and provided local business and wayfinding information. By altafiber providing Gigabit Fioptics Internet throughout Covington’s Central Business District, Renaissance Covington has worked to catalyze positive change in downtown Covington. The network extends roughly from 2nd street to 10th street going North and South, and from Madison Avenue and Scott Street going East and West.

From housing to historic rehabilitation, and entertainment to new job opportunities, there’s an energetic vibe in Covington’s urban core that’s growing stronger by the day. Much of that transformation is happening because of strategic public-private partnerships like the public Wi-Fi network. It will greatly contribute to the experience of both visitors and downtown workers.

Public Wi-Fi powered by Fioptics logo

Public Wi-Fi offers a new dimension to our urban core by offering a public service while also strengthening public spaces. It opens possibilities for distribution of information and broader community engagements.”

Nick Wade
Executive Director of Renaissance Covington.

The City of Fairborn, Ohio and altafiber partnered to provide a public Wi-Fi network downtown as part of the city’s economic development efforts and commitment to supporting small businesses. The Wi-Fi network provides connectivity to downtown visitors, and generates valuable data analytics that the city and its businesses can leverage to better serve residents and customers.

The City of Fairborn logo

When the city decided to pursue our public Wi-Fi project, the first company we reached out to was altafiber. The quality of their technology, their customer service, and their people are exceptional. We value the relationship we have made with altafiber and look forward to our continued partnership.

Rob Anderson
Fairborn City Manager

For a deeper dive into Smart City and inside the Wi-Fi project illuminating Cincinnati’s Smart City vision, read John Putnam’s interview about Cincinnati’s launch into the smart city space.

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